Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 5 , legs legs legs

And more legs, teh legs and back portion of P90X. gotta love the over 11 lunge movements and the ridiculously hard lat pulldowns :) leaving the user beyond death, i gotta start eating right though if i wanna see results faster :P NTS: start bringing snacks to school!


Ugh, time for the good old fashion functional olypic lifting , lots of power cleans ,and explosion excersizes for my legs, but the weight, is slowly getting lighter, poer cleaning 150lbsx5 felt like almost nothing, til i upped the weight to 185 and near fell over :$. My time got cut short though, my school teachers are stingy about weighroom time, S.O.Bs !

Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 3, look at those arms!

Time for yet anotherP90X workout, this time; arms and shoulders
cant hate the constant 4 way supersets followed by high intensity bicep, tricep and shoulder lifts,:) in no time imma looook like a manimal, yes, a manimal
time for bed, got double workouts in the morning! later
one step at a time.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 2, rude awakening

Just did a 1 hour, action packed P90X core workout
and man i gotta work on that centre piece. after taking my last feast day before my offseason diet , i decided to work off the 8 crouissants, 7 juiceboxes , carrot and banana loaf, 4 cookies , bottle of pepsi, skittles, bag of chips, 2 mars bars and 3 drumsticks. Today made me realise how important Core work is, and what food i should be eating, anyone whose reading this i advise that if you catch me slippin eating sugary foods, hit me , immediately , continuously til i bleed
night folks !
Workin hard, and hardly workin ;)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 1, May 15,2010

Well its day one, that means hop on chest and back on P90X. after quitting this for a few months,it was pretty hard getting back into the habit of physically killing myself over and over. but a good workout nonetheless. i feel extremely tired and i work in 5 hours so ill ttyl blog stalkers , night

Hard work overcomes raw talent.

Friday, May 14, 2010

So, this is where i wanna be. 115 Days

Its been nearly a year bloggers! whaddup? im starting on this again just because and my new motive currently is to trim down and gain speed for football in 2010. i have one last shot at getting looked at by university scouts and im doing everything i can .I'm signing up to SST in about a week, i have P90X for those morning workouts and im going to do weight testing at premier fitness with my other friends just so i keep in check . Why am i blogging this ? its because i want to keep track of my 115 day journey to achieve my goals, yeah its kinda played out to do so but in september i want to look back and just say "Damn, i came a long way". This is where i want to be, and i have 4 months to get there :) let it begin; the road to BeastMode!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Kick me out of school, i'll just cough on you..

Being a proud high school student, haha, i said proud and student in the same sentence, anyways, being a student in school its only natural that there is one thing worse than a detention, a suspension. Now take this in, i was suspended, not for fighting, not for stealing, but because the Peel Health Board couldn't record my immunization record, sure i know we have to keep students safe from disease, but i spent 3 days wondering why the government is telling me i don't have shots that i got at least 4-5 years ago. In their attempts to keep schools uncontaminated, thousands of kids across Ontario are suspended until the board gets the information they want. HERE'S the fun part, out of the people i know suspended, 37 had to fax and/or email at least 5 times before the board even acknowledged their request, BUT Kofi, if there going to suspend kids for unvalidated records, shouldn't they be more responsive when they get the information to let people back in school, the stuff they were asking for in the first place ? Shoot, i thought so too! If i cant go to school on monday, so help me God i will take a bus to the health board, and cough on the entire commitee, if none of them get sick of Polio,Mesils, Mumps, Rubello, Dipheria or any hepititas, im going to school tuesday.


opinion under fire