Friday, May 8, 2009

Kick me out of school, i'll just cough on you..

Being a proud high school student, haha, i said proud and student in the same sentence, anyways, being a student in school its only natural that there is one thing worse than a detention, a suspension. Now take this in, i was suspended, not for fighting, not for stealing, but because the Peel Health Board couldn't record my immunization record, sure i know we have to keep students safe from disease, but i spent 3 days wondering why the government is telling me i don't have shots that i got at least 4-5 years ago. In their attempts to keep schools uncontaminated, thousands of kids across Ontario are suspended until the board gets the information they want. HERE'S the fun part, out of the people i know suspended, 37 had to fax and/or email at least 5 times before the board even acknowledged their request, BUT Kofi, if there going to suspend kids for unvalidated records, shouldn't they be more responsive when they get the information to let people back in school, the stuff they were asking for in the first place ? Shoot, i thought so too! If i cant go to school on monday, so help me God i will take a bus to the health board, and cough on the entire commitee, if none of them get sick of Polio,Mesils, Mumps, Rubello, Dipheria or any hepititas, im going to school tuesday.


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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hamthrax, WTF?!

After long fights with ninja's and ish that goes bump in the night, I have returned, through fire and flames to resume blogging! Whats stuck in my craw recently is this new "epidemic", the swine flu. What exactly is the swine flu and where did it come from? Apparently Mexicans passed it down to tourists, then to the Americans, and suddenly its hit Ontario, if I'm right it hit as close as Georgetown, which is 20 minutes from where i am . I'm starting to think people who get sick and aren't strong enough to fight it , just give it a different name and slap an epidemic sticker on it. Getting biological with it, its said that the way the virus is formed, it could of only came to exist it if humans, quite basically, effed around with it , in which I'm not surprised at all . So in a common breakdown, Swine Flu is just societies way of saying, its not my fault my immune system is crap, the Americans sicked the disease on the Mexicans to see if it would work , and due to cause and effect, North America is getting biologically fucked over by it. Such is a world where we can watch the Great American 'Dynasty' fall apart, we can watch thier citizens , and ours too get sick by a disease "said" that they created, funny how irony works. Bottom line, swine flu is just like SARS; pretty scary now, but i assure you there's bigger crap to deal with, our falling economy perhaps?


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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You tell me , to be ; Just me in my own headspace..

I'm going to hit a touchy subject,
because touchy subjects aren't what they are without mental contact
so consider this me giving the topic it a handshake..
" I'm so black " and " your so white"
and we us brown crayons for my skin
and peach for yours,
does that make me color blind?
or does that make us ignorant?
Does the measure of my color predict my actions ?
Or should my actions just define me , no matter my tone on the spectrum?
But essentially, what is being " so black"?
is it the skin tone?
the gang I'm supposed to represent?
no , it must be my attempt to beat the system, when truly the system is kicking my ass and I'm just taking willingful blindness to it.
But if i deny all those things, it makes me the opposite side, and i become "so white".Now, usually a member of this race of shadow , or so they say, i should be offended , but if this unwritten code depicts "white" as successful, educated and a controller of the system rather a victim. Call me White then.Or call me black, not to portray an uneducated man,call me black because black should be a color that absorbs all colors; accepts all cultures and everything around it. But don't get me wrong, I'm not color blind but i do need contacts. But for any other race, this is my apology for people like me , or people i should be like rather, and I'm not pinning the tail on every donkey, i was smart enough to take off the blindfold. So if you feel a pin in your side, you know which jackass I'm talking about . Now if you excuse me, there's an outside world, just DYING to judge me .


riding my own brain waves..

Friday, April 10, 2009

School Spirit is Dead, and My Students Killed it..

This year i ended up moving schools and realized, students could care less. Sporting events are only watched if it's an excuse to get out of class, any form of public presentation gets boo'd even if they did bad, they still deserve respect for having the balls to get up on stage. In one incident, ironically, a black history month presentation, in North America we ( meaning African-Canadians ) get an entire month to learn about and show respect for our heritage, the only race that gets that privilege; and if you were there, you'd notice that the black kids were talking the most, and even more ironically, the loudest, ruining the presentation. Sure , A LOT of our sports teams aren't tier one champions, but when our school boo's our own team, doesn't exactly motivate teams to play, let alone come try out to play, wasting talent and in turn making a WORSE team the next year, vicious circle , i think so.Class trips , like our New York trip Our Cheerleaders got humiliated to the point our principal had to make an announcement on it the next day? Seems more and more I hear about the garbage that happens in school , the more it sounds like a center to give you the worst experiences in your life; "high schools are the best years of your life", then a lot of us are in trouble. I don't even know if its just my school, but it seems like we destroy any privilege given to us, for really no damn reason. Sure its not the greatest school in the world, it doesn't give you the right to make it's reputation any further . Sorry if i care about where i go to school ; 6 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Happy Good Friday guys!


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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

11 Year Strong; Gotta Catch Em all!

Over 560 episodes, over 20 Nintendo games, and as of two years ago, 493 to catch, 493 ... i guess the original 150 didn't cut it. Oh , did i mention they're on the 11th movie? Mewtwo only got so interesting. These colorful creatures have been around since, well turn your clocks back 11 years and you'll find Ash choosing his first Pokemon. After these 11 years of knowing that this cartoon exists, i start to wonder , has Ash had a birthday at all? He started at the age of 11, and being a children s show , a birthday episode would make a lot of sense. On the topic of Ash, he taught me a very valuable lesson ; if i fry a girls bike, i don't need to owe her back in anyway shape or form, cause 11 years later, she'll forget. Ash lives the 10 year old dream; catch supernatural creatures, spend every minute with your friends, and most of all ward off child molesters every day, oops wait i meant Team Rocket! Damnit i want to be Ash Ketchum, but i can't , so ill just have to settle for picking up the latest version of Pokemon for my game boy , I mean, 'Nintendo Ds'. By the way, according to a yahoo search, Ash's 11th birthday is April 10th!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What happened to Bratz?

Anybody remember the large headed, Barbie knock-off dolls that came out around 2003? My sister had her collection , but suddenly Bratz dolls have became obsolete.I read more into it and apparently the market for them disappeared because " it was suggesting mature themes to young girls" shit, I could of told you that. Which takes me back for a second; doesn't just about every play doll franchise do that? Spending countless amounts of money on the first thing you see, getting cars and boyfriends, living the nightlife and partying with only the "hottest" boys, sure ideal life for a female, when you're 16-19! Next step is they'll have 'birth control Barbie Dolls'. Bratz, Barbie,and even Polly effing pocket , all toys that tell kids like my sister, she has to speed up the childhood phase and hit puberty at the age of 6 (she's currently 11 and realized the concept of dolls were stupid, thank God. And believe me, when Aunt Flow comes knockin', I'm taking my possessions and getting my African-Canadian behind outta here.


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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Next bus in ..when ever the driver feels like it

It's MEEEEE blogsoilders!
Little something stuck in my craw today, public transit consistency. If you have had a bus come 15-20 minutes late and have the bus driver claiming the " traffic was heavy" or buses that stop two stops away on a cold day to take a break, you may share my pain. I find myself wondering why the bus fair seems to increase for more mediocre service. Every year the bus fair seems to go up and call my crazy, I'm not seeing any positive changes. But at the end of they day, they win; we all still pay that $3.00 ( well in Brampton and Mississauga ) just to get on the public transit from point A to B

Friday, April 3, 2009

Greatest Shooter Ever Played

Killzone 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

To begin, I'm not a FPS worshiper, but this game is PlayStation 3 genius. Detailed visual, intense combat, and what some FPS' are missing, a game that makes you think! This game has some of the most advanced AI I've ever seen; not a game where you can run barbarically with a SMG and not die. The game is extremely fun and keeps you busy with intelligent AI, the only thing i would wish for is a two player co-op. 5 out of 5 blood drenched stars in my books. HINT: if the gods of killzone 2 give you a sniper rifle at ANY time throughout the game, don't miss, i mean it !

Put down your books, pick up the brass knuckles..

Has anybody noticed that at least 3 times a month , there has been a "cat fight" in your school ? You almost never know what it's about and most often its people from other schools wasting time and money on a BUS TICKET ( which prices are going up mind you) , just to come down to fight, yes fight. Which i find in many ways, ridiculous ; I'm going to skip my class, take a 15-20 minute bus ride to catch this girl and fight her, then have one of my friends record it , put it on facebook/youtube/myspace etc, JUST so i can show thousands of people how much class I've lost. Then, from almost no where, estrogen driven anger goes as far to the part when you try to verbally attack other people who really did nothing to you, grow up. Guys, some of you aren't out of the forest either, a good margin of you start to open your mouths before comprehending anything that you begin to talk about, we call that 'ignorance'. Fighting and "starting shit", "riding" and "roasting" in high school is kind of funny, considering your willing to loss all character , class , and even get a criminal record for it. I've had a conversation with two people and found myself saying the same thing, " high school isn't all your life,when you think you rule now, the outside world quite honestly tears you in half.1 vs 6 billion , take a guess who wins xD ignorance is bliss, reality is a kick in the ass", i have an 80 in math, trust me your odds aren't great. This is just my take on the last few months, sure i made huge grammatical mistakes, but hey i learned something from Buddha; "The container may change, but the mind remains the mind", I can make all the errors i like, my idea is still the same thing. I kinda get why teachers dislike high school kids...

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