Friday, April 10, 2009

School Spirit is Dead, and My Students Killed it..

This year i ended up moving schools and realized, students could care less. Sporting events are only watched if it's an excuse to get out of class, any form of public presentation gets boo'd even if they did bad, they still deserve respect for having the balls to get up on stage. In one incident, ironically, a black history month presentation, in North America we ( meaning African-Canadians ) get an entire month to learn about and show respect for our heritage, the only race that gets that privilege; and if you were there, you'd notice that the black kids were talking the most, and even more ironically, the loudest, ruining the presentation. Sure , A LOT of our sports teams aren't tier one champions, but when our school boo's our own team, doesn't exactly motivate teams to play, let alone come try out to play, wasting talent and in turn making a WORSE team the next year, vicious circle , i think so.Class trips , like our New York trip Our Cheerleaders got humiliated to the point our principal had to make an announcement on it the next day? Seems more and more I hear about the garbage that happens in school , the more it sounds like a center to give you the worst experiences in your life; "high schools are the best years of your life", then a lot of us are in trouble. I don't even know if its just my school, but it seems like we destroy any privilege given to us, for really no damn reason. Sure its not the greatest school in the world, it doesn't give you the right to make it's reputation any further . Sorry if i care about where i go to school ; 6 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Happy Good Friday guys!


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