Friday, April 3, 2009

Put down your books, pick up the brass knuckles..

Has anybody noticed that at least 3 times a month , there has been a "cat fight" in your school ? You almost never know what it's about and most often its people from other schools wasting time and money on a BUS TICKET ( which prices are going up mind you) , just to come down to fight, yes fight. Which i find in many ways, ridiculous ; I'm going to skip my class, take a 15-20 minute bus ride to catch this girl and fight her, then have one of my friends record it , put it on facebook/youtube/myspace etc, JUST so i can show thousands of people how much class I've lost. Then, from almost no where, estrogen driven anger goes as far to the part when you try to verbally attack other people who really did nothing to you, grow up. Guys, some of you aren't out of the forest either, a good margin of you start to open your mouths before comprehending anything that you begin to talk about, we call that 'ignorance'. Fighting and "starting shit", "riding" and "roasting" in high school is kind of funny, considering your willing to loss all character , class , and even get a criminal record for it. I've had a conversation with two people and found myself saying the same thing, " high school isn't all your life,when you think you rule now, the outside world quite honestly tears you in half.1 vs 6 billion , take a guess who wins xD ignorance is bliss, reality is a kick in the ass", i have an 80 in math, trust me your odds aren't great. This is just my take on the last few months, sure i made huge grammatical mistakes, but hey i learned something from Buddha; "The container may change, but the mind remains the mind", I can make all the errors i like, my idea is still the same thing. I kinda get why teachers dislike high school kids...

The Student's Voice