Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You tell me , to be ; Just me in my own headspace..

I'm going to hit a touchy subject,
because touchy subjects aren't what they are without mental contact
so consider this me giving the topic it a handshake..
" I'm so black " and " your so white"
and we us brown crayons for my skin
and peach for yours,
does that make me color blind?
or does that make us ignorant?
Does the measure of my color predict my actions ?
Or should my actions just define me , no matter my tone on the spectrum?
But essentially, what is being " so black"?
is it the skin tone?
the gang I'm supposed to represent?
no , it must be my attempt to beat the system, when truly the system is kicking my ass and I'm just taking willingful blindness to it.
But if i deny all those things, it makes me the opposite side, and i become "so white".Now, usually a member of this race of shadow , or so they say, i should be offended , but if this unwritten code depicts "white" as successful, educated and a controller of the system rather a victim. Call me White then.Or call me black, not to portray an uneducated man,call me black because black should be a color that absorbs all colors; accepts all cultures and everything around it. But don't get me wrong, I'm not color blind but i do need contacts. But for any other race, this is my apology for people like me , or people i should be like rather, and I'm not pinning the tail on every donkey, i was smart enough to take off the blindfold. So if you feel a pin in your side, you know which jackass I'm talking about . Now if you excuse me, there's an outside world, just DYING to judge me .


riding my own brain waves..