Wednesday, April 8, 2009

11 Year Strong; Gotta Catch Em all!

Over 560 episodes, over 20 Nintendo games, and as of two years ago, 493 to catch, 493 ... i guess the original 150 didn't cut it. Oh , did i mention they're on the 11th movie? Mewtwo only got so interesting. These colorful creatures have been around since, well turn your clocks back 11 years and you'll find Ash choosing his first Pokemon. After these 11 years of knowing that this cartoon exists, i start to wonder , has Ash had a birthday at all? He started at the age of 11, and being a children s show , a birthday episode would make a lot of sense. On the topic of Ash, he taught me a very valuable lesson ; if i fry a girls bike, i don't need to owe her back in anyway shape or form, cause 11 years later, she'll forget. Ash lives the 10 year old dream; catch supernatural creatures, spend every minute with your friends, and most of all ward off child molesters every day, oops wait i meant Team Rocket! Damnit i want to be Ash Ketchum, but i can't , so ill just have to settle for picking up the latest version of Pokemon for my game boy , I mean, 'Nintendo Ds'. By the way, according to a yahoo search, Ash's 11th birthday is April 10th!